Zotz String Blue Raspberry, Orange, Grape 7oz

Zotz String Blue Raspberry, Orange, Grape 7oz

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Zotz String Blue Raspberry, Orange, and Grape 7oz offers a trio of distinct and vibrant candy flavours, each attached to a single string, providing a unique and playful candy experience:

1. Blue Raspberry: Features the sweet and slightly tart flavour of blue raspberry, encapsulated in a hard candy shell that bursts into a tangy and fizzy surprise, offering a sharp, refreshing taste that’s a favourite among many.

2.Orange: Delivers the classic, citrusy punch of orange in a smooth candy that transitions to an exciting, sour fizz. This flavor provides a bright and zesty taste that mimics the refreshing quality of real oranges.

3. Grape: Presents the deep, fruity essence of grape in a richly flavored candy. Starting as a sweet treat, it quickly evolves into a lively fizzy sensation, enhancing the grape flavor with an enjoyable sour twist.

This string of Zotz combines three popular flavours, each offering its own distinctive taste and the signature fizzy centre that makes Zotz a unique and fun treat to savour individually or enjoy all together for a flavourful adventure.


sugar, glucose syrup (from wheat), sodium bicarbonate, malic acid, water, tartaric acid, artificial cinnamon flavor, corn starch, artificial color (FD&C Red no. 40).

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