Top FOUR Asian Snacks in Edmonton That You Must Try This Weekend

Top FOUR Asian Snacks in Edmonton That You Must Try This Weekend

Asian snacks are becoming increasingly popular in Canada with each passing day due to their unique flavors and amazing textures, particularly the South Korean ones, which are characteristically different from traditional snacks in North America. Today, we will briefly discuss a few of the top Asian snacks in Edmonton that you must try this weekend.

Cheetos BBQ (Korea)

Cheetos BBQ is one of the most popular flavors of Cheetos, a cheese-flavored snack produced by Frito-Lay. Featuring a quintessentially smoky and slightly dulcet taste with a tangy kick, it is certainly a preferred choice for anyone who is never late to appreciate profoundly savory and bold flavors.

Available in the iconic Cheetos shape (a crunchy and puffy texture that makes it easy to munch on) in major convenience stores across the country, including Yeg Exotic, Cheetos BBQ is a classic snack that is perfect for snacking on its own or as an ideal accompaniment to a mid-day sandwich or a late-afternoon burger.

Doritos Late Night Oven Roasted Chicken (Korea)

Being an immensely popular flavor of Doritos, Doritos Late Night Oven Roasted Chicken is purpose-designed to appeal to all those who enjoy piquant and spirited flavors. Inspired by the taste of oven-roasted chicken and routinely enjoyed as a late-night instant meal, it comes with an eclectic blend of spices that evoke the taste of juicy, succulent chicken, making the same a soul-satisfying and flavorful snack option. When it comes to the choicest Asian snacks in Edmonton, Doritos Late Night Oven Roasted Chicken remains an obvious choice for those especially looking for a yummy and convenient snack that satisfies their craving for savory and crunchy goodness.

Sun Chips Garlic Baguette (Korea)

Sun Chips Garlic Baguette is a classy variety of Sun that offers a unique taste and sports the flavor of garlic bread made from a freshly baked baguette. The seasoning on the same is a thoughtful mix of garlic and herbs, creating a novel gustatory experience. Manufactured from whole grains and with its distinct garlic flavor and satisfying crunch, it remains an all-time choice for those seeking the extraordinary in their otherwise mundane lives.

Orion Chips Injeolmi (Korea)

Orion Chips Injeolmi is a traditional Korean snack that happens to gain enough momentum of late for being inexplicably delectable. Produced from glutinous rice cake and coated in roasted soybean powder, Injeolmi essentially refers to a toothsome Asian delicacy.

Seasoned with an appetizing blend of roasted soybean powder and sugar, Orion Chips Injeolmi flaunts a sweet and nutty flavor that is so evidently reminiscent of the said dessert. Sporting a crunchy texture and a bitter taste, it is sure to delight those who often love to indulge in snacks that are blissfully sweet and inarguably toasty at the very same time.

Yeg Exotic Unveils Its Flagship Range of Asian Snacks in Edmonton

Mainstream Asian snacks are garnering enough interest in Canada and for good reasons. From Cheetos to Doritos, there are umpteen Asian snacks in Edmonton and other Canadian cities that continue to entice the Canadian hoi-polloi with their one-of-a-kind flavors and intriguing textures. Whether you are looking for something sweet or rather savory, Yeg Exotic has a lot to offer.

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