Taco Night Gets An Epic Upgrade: Doritos Cup-Style Grilled Tacos

Taco Night Gets An Epic Upgrade: Doritos Cup-Style Grilled Tacos

Have your family's taco nights been feeling a little stale lately? At Yeg Exotic, we've got the perfect way to breathe some new life into this tradition. We are introducing Doritos Cup Style Grilled Tacos, a wildly fun and uniquely delicious spin on the traditional taco that is sure to get everyone excited about taco night again. 

What Are Doritos Cup Style Grilled Tacos?

This ingenious dish marries the beloved taco with the incredible crunch and flavour of Doritos chips. Instead of a traditional taco shell, these tacos are served in an edible cup made from Doritos chips themselves. The cup is formed by baking the chips into a crunchy vessel, perfect for holding all your favourite taco fillings.

Not only do these provide a fantastic crispy texture but the Doritos also impart an addictively delicious flavour dimension that takes tacos to new heights. Whether you go for the classic Nacho Cheese or spice things up with Spicy Sweet Chili, the Doritos cup adds an irresistible zing.

Host An Epic Doritos Cup Style Grilled Taco Night

These unique tacos are so much fun that they deserve a night built entirely around them. Turn your next taco night into an immersive-themed event by putting a little creativity into setting the mood. Here are some handpicked tips for hosting a fantastic Doritos Cup Style Grilled Taco Night:

Decorations and Atmosphere

- Use brightly coloured napkins, tablecloths, and plates to match the Doritos shades

- Create custom Doritos cup-style taco holders using empty Doritos bags cut and folded

- Make centrepieces using stacked and arranged Doritos bags

- Play Latin or Mexican music to set a festive vibe

Fun Sides and Drinks

- Serve Doritos salsa by mixing crushed Doritos into fresh salsa

- Make Doritos chillers by freezing Doritos crumbs into ice cubes for drinks

- Bake Doritos in bread bowls for holding queso or bean dips

- Mix up batches of Doritos-infused boozy drinks for the adults

Activities and Games

- Host a Doritos sculpture or edible art contest 

- Play Doritos stacking competitions to see who can build the tallest tower

- Doritos trivia with prizes for Doritos experts

- Chilli cook-off to find the perfect chilli for topping the tacos

Ultimate Fillings and Toppings Bar

Of course, no taco night is complete without an epic array of fillings and toppings to stuff into those Doritos cups. Here are some mouth-watering ideas:

Protein Options

- Spicy chipotle chicken

- Chilli-lime steak strips 

Chorizo and potato

Baja fish

- Black bean vegetable crumbles

Toppings Galore

- Shredded lettuce

- Diced tomatoes

- Red onions 



- Sour cream

- Salsa varieties

- Shredded cheese

- Cilantro lime rice

Pico de gallo

- Corn salsa

When you fill those crunchy Doritos cups with an epic array of proteins, vegetables, sauces, and more - you've got a taco night experience that is supremely enjoyable and incredibly customizable to every taste.

So grab some Doritos at Yeg Exotic, get that oven pre-heated, and prepare for taco night to be your family's new favourite-themed dinner. With the amazingly delicious and wildly fun Doritos Cup Style Grilled Tacos as the star of the show, it's sure to be an unforgettable experience that will keep everybody craving more.