A Brief History of Hammonds Bar: A Canadian Candy Classic

A Brief History of Hammonds Bar: A Canadian Candy Classic

At Yeg Exotic, we're passionate about sharing unique and delicious treats from around the world with our readers. But sometimes, the best things come from right here in Canada! Today, we're going down memory lane to explore the iconic Hammonds Bar—a true Canadian treasure.

From Humble Beginnings to National Sweetheart: The Birth of Hammonds Bar

The story of Hammond Bar begins in nineteen ten with George Hammond and his dream of creating a delectable candy bar. As a confectionary innovator from Carrollton in Ontario, he started experimenting with creamy milk chocolate and crunchy whole peanuts. Initially called the Hammond Candy Bar, his creation was an instant hit with local consumers.

Word of this delicious treat spread quickly, and by nineteen thirteen, Hammond had established the Hammond Candy Company. Production officially began in a small factory, and soon, the candy bar was gracing store shelves across Canada.

The Rise of a Star: Packaging, Marketing, and National Appeal

In the early nineteen twenties, the Hammond Candy Company made a strategic move that solidified the bar's national presence. It redesigned the packaging, replacing the generic brown wrapper with a vibrant red one featuring a bold, eye-catching logo. This new design made the Hammond Bar stand out on store shelves and helped cement its brand identity.

The company also embraced innovative marketing strategies. Engaging advertisements featuring playful cartoon characters and catchy slogans like "Hammonds —Makes You Happy!" helped endear the candy bar to consumers of all ages. This combination of intelligent packaging, clever marketing, and irresistible taste propelled Hammond's Bar to national stardom.

Through the Decades: How Hammonds Bar Adapted and Evolved

Over the years, Hammond Candy Company has cleverly adapted to changing consumer preferences while staying true to its core identity. Here are some notable milestones in its evolution:


The Great Depression and Second World War posed challenges for the company. However, it persevered by focusing on quality ingredients and maintaining a reasonable price.


The domestic candy industry witnessed an unprecedented boom during this era. Hammond Bar embraced new marketing tactics, sponsoring children's shows and creating collectible trading cards featuring cartoon characters.


Healthier eating trends emerged, prompting the company to introduce a Milk Chocolate-only variant alongside the classic peanut version.

In twenty seventeen, Hammonds Bar continued to innovate, offering limited-edition flavours like caramel and toffee while maintaining the core recipe Canadians fell in love with.

A Legacy of Sweet Success: Hammonds Bar Today

Today, it remains a beloved Canadian candy. Hammonds Bar is a familiar and comforting treat enjoyed by generations. In twenty seventeen, it was acquired by Hershey Canada. However, the classic recipe and iconic red packaging continue to delight Canadians from coast to coast.

We proudly offer Hammonds Bar at Yeg Exotic and a wide selection of other delicious edibles. Whether you are a lifelong admirer or a curious newcomer, we invite you to experience the timeless indulgence in this Canadian classic.

Beyond the Bar: The Enduring Legacy of Hammonds

The story of Hammond Bar is more than just a candy's journey. It is a testament to Canadian ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit, and the power of nostalgia. Hammond Bar represents a simpler time, evoking childhood trips to the corner store and the pure joy of a sweet treat.

So, next time you purchase one at Yeg Exotic, take a moment to appreciate its rich history and the legacy of a Canadian confectionary dream. Who knows, it may spark a wave of sweet memories!